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Boise State Game Balls for week of November 6th

San Jose State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Men’s basketball kicked off last week. Tennis ended their fall schedule. The men’s and women’s cross country teams competed in a regional meet in Sacramento, California. And the volleyball team has been doing nothing but steamrolling folks.

Let’s give out some Game Balls!

Game Ball One:

Greg Wischer / Morgan Stone (tennis: doubles)

This duo ended up winners at the Minnesota Gophers Invite against a pair from Notre Dame. The pair won the doubles set, but then split the singles set. But you cannot argue with the end result so congratulations to these two.

Game Ball Two:

Donny Hopoi (golf)

The men’s team got to finish their season in Hawaii. What better way to spend it than in on the islands? Not many, if any. Mr. Hopoi finished tied overall with 36th place and a three under par 68. There were some heavy hitters in Hawaii as the Broncos were competing against the likes of Clemson (overall winners), Georgia, Oklahoma, etc. Congratulations to Mr. Hopoi.

Game Ball Three:

Maddi Osburn (volleyball)

The Broncos have been on an amazing run since opening the Mountain West Conference slate at 2-2. They have won 11 matches in a row, 10 with straight set sweeps, and the Junior Ms. Maddi Osburn is a big part of that. In the Libero position she managed double-digit digs against Fresno State and San José State. In both matches she had more than any of her opponents. Congratulations to Ms. Osburn.

Game Ball Four:

Chandler Hutchison (basketball)

The roundball is officially back for the Broncos and to open the season, the Junior guard has started the year off right. Against Northwest University, the Broncos won handily 85-46. Mr. Hutchison picked up a nice double-double with 23 points and 11 rebounds. He was the only player on the court with double-digits in the rebounding category. Interestingly enough the only other person on the court who came close was Justinian Jessup with seven. Northwest had two basketballers with five. Congratulations to Mr. Hutchison.

Game Ball Five:

Brenna Peloquin (cross country)

Not much to say here but duh and/or hello. Of course she’s here. If there is a cross country race that involves Ms. Peloquin, she’s probably going to do on the “ok” side. And, well, she did. In the regional she managed to obtain third overall which was good enough for an invite to nationals. Unfortunately the women’s team neither won the auto-berth, nor the at-large selection so Ms. Peloquin will be representing the Broncos all by her lonesome. No matter. She’s just going to have to win the dang thing by herself.

Game Ball Six:

Jonathan Moxey (football)

There are lots of deserving Broncos after Boise State’s 50-burger on the islands. Offensively it’s really easy to point out the hundred yard plus receiving, or rushing, performances. The multiple touchdowns. The awesome gifs. But defense needs love too. And Mr. Moxey was tested, for some reason, quite often during the matchup. The positive thing is he walked away with four impressive pass break ups. And three tackles. There are times where it is easy to malign blown coverages, but we should also look to when players step up and create their own “no fly” zone. Moxey made one on Saturday night. Kudos!

Your Turn

Who else dominated last week? Let me know.