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Recap: Boise State VS Northwest University

Boise State #15, Chandler Hutchison going for a layup in the 2nd half against Northwest University
Michael Johnson

Final: Broncos 85, Eagles 46

The matchup at Taco Bell Arena, hosting Northwest University started off with a bang. Hutchison and Jessup both started off hot with 100% on their 3 point shots. I mean, granted, Hutch only had 1..but still! Duncan added one with 12:10 left in the half, and after a quick 2 from Hutchison, the Broncos led 22-7.

Oluyitan decided to get in on the 3 point action with about 8:15 on the clock, and put the Broncos up 27-13.

At that point, both Hutchison and Wacker had 5 rebounds apiece and were really making their presence felt by keeping the ball in Bronco hands.

With about 2 minutes left in the half, Northwest finally sank their first 3. The Broncos, at that point, was 6 of 11 as a team. BSU continued to pour it on, and with a break at 1:49, they were up 38-16.

At the half, BSU had a healthy 43-20 lead. After about a 2 minutes of play in the second half, Hutchison put in another 3 to bring him to a career high of 19 points...with 18 minutes left to play. After a layup, and with 15:25 left in the game, Hutchison had himself a double-double. The 3rd of his career.

It won’t show up on the stats, but with about 8:30 in the game, Hobbs got a rebound and turned around with some force, in anticipation of quickly steaming down the court. His efforts were ‘impeded’ by an Eagles player who very abruptly went from standing to laying down, flat on his back with a thud, for his troubles. Apparently truckstick can be a thing in basketball too! I’d also like to mention that Nick Duncan is amazing for similar reasons. More than once a Northwest player just bounced off of him, without affecting his motion at all. I know BSU has a billion tight ends, but if they ever don’t...might want to see if Duncan is free. Well, like ‘free time’ free. Because, obviously he’s free. He’s in America now! (It’s a day late, but thank you again, veterans)

A Zach Haney dunk with 5:56 left in the game put the Broncos up 74-32.

Boise State’s defense started to be a little more lax toward the end of the game, but at that point the Broncos were rotating in some guys with less playing time—including Meridian native, Matt Grooms.

The game ended with the Broncos dribbling out the clock.

Chandler Hutchison was dominant as the player of the game with 23 points and 11 rebounds, and the Broncos cruised to an easy win.