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Basketball GameThread: Boise State vs Northwest

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball season is about to begin in earnest...well, it's about to begin in Taco Bell Arena, but you get my meaning. Boise State (0-0) will take on the Eagles of Northwest University (5-0). Northwest U (Kirkland, WA) competes in the NAIA and are off to a hot start...but against the likes of "Quest University" and "Embry-Riddle U"—I'd expect their domination to hit a bit of a road bump in Boise this afternoon. Boise State will be using this tune-up game to figure out their starting rotations and see which scorers are going to step up after losing playmakers like James Webb, Anthony Drmic, and Mikey Thompson.

Boise State will rely on a youth movement this season as PG Paris Austin is expected to take a leap and young scorers like Alex Hobbs, Malek Harwell, and Justinian Jessup could end up getting some valuable minutes. Of course, the Broncos still have three-point master Nick Duncan and "James Webb Lite" Chandler Hutchison, so they'll have some experience mixed in with the talented noobs.

If you aren't at Taco Bell Arena this afternoon...I hope you're in Honolulu, but if you're neither of those places you can still watch the game live HERE or listen live HERE. Our own Michael Johnson also should be courtside, so look for some live stats coming from him via the @OBNUG twitter account. We'll have a brief wrap-up after the game and then we're right into nice little blue and orange Saturday for everyone.