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Hawaii Anagram Roster

I Have A Fruity Is Wino!

Hawaii v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • University of Hawaii = I Have A Fruity Is Wino
  • Honolulu, Hawaii = Oh Hi A Owl in Luau
  • Nick Rolovich = Civil Rock Hon

Offensive starters for Hawaii

  • WR: Marcus Kemp = Ump Smacker
  • WR: John Ursua = Uh Sour Jan
  • LT: Dejon Allen = Jelled Anon
  • LG: John Wa‘a = Whoa Jan
  • C: Asotui Eli = A Suite Oil
  • RG: Leo Koloamatangi = A Looking Oatmeal
  • RT: RJ Hollis = Josh Rill (it was the only one found)
  • TE: Dakota Torres = Aorta Stroked
  • WR: Ammon Barker = Kroner Mamba
  • RB: Diocemy Saint Juste = A Customised Jitney
  • QB: Dru Brown = Burn Word

Defensive starters for Hawaii

  • DE: Makani Kema-Kaleiwahea = Mike Mania Aha Weak Kale
  • NT: Kory Rasmussen = Sneak Rosy Rums
  • DT: Penitito Faalologo = A Polio Footing Tale
  • DE: Meffy Koloamatangi = Gift of A Lama Monkey
  • SLB: Malachi Mageo = A Magical Home
  • MLB: Jahlani Tavai = Aha Avian Jilt
  • WLB: Solomon Matautia = A Solution to Mama
  • CB: Jalen Rogers = Sore Jangler
  • SS: Trayvon Henderson = Envy Northern Soda
  • FS: Damien Packer = Epic Mandrake
  • LCB: = Rojesterman Farris = Jeans After Mirrors

Special Teams

  • P: Rigoberto Sanchez = Cab Greets Horizon
  • HOLD: Ikaika Woolsey = Awoke Oily Saki
  • PR: Dylan Collie = A Clone Dilly
  • KR: Paul Harris = A Rural Ship
  • SNAP: Noah Borden = Borneo Hand