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GameThread for Boise State vs New Mexico

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Revenge was served up cold last weekend and I'd say it's time for a second helping. The New Mexico Lobos (2-2) will host the Boise State Broncos (4-0) moments from now and don't worry...we're all wondering the same thing. The game is airing on CBS Sports Network—a channel with extremely limited streaming if you don't have the CBSN at home, go somewhere that does, because no app is going to provide what you need (trust me, I've looked). Of course, you can also tune in on 670 KBOI to hear Bob Behler's dulcet tones. As usual, we'll be live-tweeting the proceedings from the official OBNUG twitter account (Damien has twitter duty tonight) and have your game recap up swiftly after the closing whistle. Feel free to hang out on OBNUG for the rest of the evening.