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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Gameday Edition

New Mexico v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Stormtrooper on the road again.

Willie Nelson and Star Wars in the same sentence. Welcome to your Friday.

Players to watch

You know...aside from ‘all of them’.

Road test for the Broncos

The players won’t say it. The coaches won’t say it. But I will.

It’s actually ‘Revenge on the road’—if we’re going for alliterative terms...and we’re being honest with ourselves.

Key Stats for the matchup

Here’s hoping 74 (or 75, depending on who’s counting) pass attempts aren’t necessary this time.

Game Breakdown

Spoiler alert: It involves a lot of scoring.

Front seven must slow Lobos

...especially when facing a running back that averages 13 (!!!) yards per carry.

Future Bronco stars mingle with fans to support Lymphoma Lukemia Society

Boise State specialists settling in well in Albuquerque

Great piece of news from today

And speaking of o.g., Fiesta Bowl legends...

And then, just for fun, the newest episode of ‘1-0’

The other football has a pretty big weekend too

The one that’s played with feet and not just the length of one.


Confucius? Okay. John Locke? Had some brilliant ideas. Plato? He’s all right.

The wisest man, however, is Ron Swanson