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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: More Boise State commits; Volleyball wins; Golfer wins

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Utah State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Last night I dreamt I was turned into a sausage.

It was my wurst nightmare.

Boise State volleyball sweeps Air Force 3-0

The win puts the Broncos at 3-2 in Mountain West Conference play and 12-6 overall.

Want to try out for the Broncos men’s basketball team?

You can try walking on the team. You have to be a full-time student and do some other stuff (I think there is running involved) but you never know. Maybe you can be the next James Webb III.

Boise State golfer Brian Humphreys wins tournament

Kid (seriously, he’s a true freshman) won his first tournament in just his second collegiate start. He helped the Bronco men get to a fourth-place finish overall.

ICYMI: The Boise State depth chart

We dropped this one kind of late last night. Darn technical issues! But you can check to see what moves (or not) the Broncos made since the Utah State game.

Boise State in some good company regarding points allowed

Not that we want the Broncos to give up 40 points but if they’re going to do so, at least they are even in the record books.

This is quite the compliment.

For Alabama and Ohio State.

Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos has jokes

But in all seriousness, that is not funny.

Holy smokes! Another Bronco two swim commitments!

This is crazy, right?!

And verbal commit Brittany Wen also wants to swim for the Broncos (but she did not have a particular tweet about it).

Hey look! A softball commit as well!



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