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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State gets some commits!; Football re-ranks; Cross Country ranks

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Utah State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

How does music say goodbye?


Men’s basketball picks up four star verbal commit

And Coach Leon Rice is making moves.

That is a “good get” for the Broncos. The Broncos being able to put together solid talent, and developing said talent, will be crucial going forward. This next year is going to be a growing pains one as a lot of young talent is going to be making its way.

Speaking of shooty hoops

Michael was able to make it to the first open basketball practice.

USA Today has a re-ranking of the football teams

Boise State takes a jump in the rankings.

Broncos cross country teams solid in regional rankings

The women’s team is fourth in the West. And the men’s team is third.

Did Bronco swim & dive get, yet, another couple of commits?

I have honestly lost count.

I believe that is six in two weeks? That is a pretty awesome run for Coach Jeremy Kipp.

Not to be outdone the softball team has also picked up a new verbal commit

Boise State is Oprah up in this business. Everyone is getting a scholarship. And is pretty awesome.

If you are a fan of lacrosse, the Boise State club team plays this weekend

I have never been to a lacrosse match. But they sure seem fun.

Boise State’s advanced statistical profile is updated

Broncos have moved up to no. 22. Bunch of really good numbers here. Do not forget to click on some other teams. Interestingly enough, they give BYU the least percentage chance of beating Boise State than any other team. And BYU has Michigan State and Mississippi State right before the Broncos.

Boise State volleyball no. 41 in NCAA RPI rankings

If I remember correctly, the volleyball team was somewhere in the 40s last year near the end of the year when the NCAA tournament was put together. And they were snubbed. Coach Shawn Garus has his squad heading in the right direction.


Man takes selfies with... things on his face/head. (Everything is safe for work, but a few are still a little... unsettling.)