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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Jay Ajayi NFL OPotW; Harsin’s salary; Scariest guy on Boise State roster?

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NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Met a girl on a dating site one time.

I don’t know, we just clicked.

Jay Ajay named Offensive Player of the Week—Again!

Well. It is official. This is the start of the single greatest running back campaign of all time. Pack it in, other running backs, because you just won’t be able to stop the J-Train!

All joking aside, this is a pretty awesome patch of games for the former Bronco. While he won’t be rushing 200+ yards every week (oh man I sure hope I am wrong) hopefully he will be able to continue to put up the yards. It took some time for him to get his legs under him (pun intended) but now that he’s hit his zone, the sky is the limit.

A hearty congratulations to Mr. Ajayi and, hopefully, this is just the beginning.

Head coaches salaries

Some of these are insane. Well. One mostly (Jim Harbaugh). The way I figure it, if you are paid more than Nick Saban and you do not have at least one title, you are probably overpaid. Not to say that Harbaugh cannot reach the promised land (in his second year and he’s already turned Michigan back into a powerhouse) but $9 million already? Yikes.

As far as the Mountain West Conference is concerned, only two head coaches made more than Coach Bryan Harsin: Tim Deruyter (lol) and Mike Bobo. In Fresno State’s defense they at least tried to spend money to get a decent coach. Just did not end up working out. The jury is still out on Mike Bobo since it is his second year. If Coach McElwain was still at Colorado State, and making more than Harsin, I could see that as justifiable considering what he did for that program.

USA Today bowl projections

They are picking Boise State and Oklahoma. Wow. Now that would certainly be a thing. A tenth anniversary rematch? Think of the story lines. Would certainly be a fun one to go to if it materialized.

Who is the scariest guy on Boise State’s roster?

Well according to Sam McCaskill it is Tanner Vallejo.

So. Much. Bloooooood!!!!!

Media interviews from yesterday

In case you missed them:

Gabe Franklin:

Brett Rypien (part 1):

(part 2)

Sam McCaskill:

And because you all have been so patient, and good, Coach Leon Rice:

Reminder: the Mountain West Conference cross country championships are tomorrow

The race kicks off at 10 .m. at Falcon Crest Golf Course in Kuna. Try and be there. Also, there is this:

So you get to watch some pretty cool athletes compete, visit a golf course (no golfing I would presume) AND get to mingle with the team afterwards?! That’s pretty cool. You know it is going to be LIT!

And by “LIT” I of course mean you are going to eat your cucumber sandwich in awkward silence and mill about. But should still be fun!


You can watch this Puppy Twister to pass the time.