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Blog Bet: My Reactions to BYU at Boise State in GIFs

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Last weekend's game was an emotional one for both fan bases. Rather than put down my feelings on paper, I've decided to record them in the form of repeating digital hilarity. Ladies and gentlemen, BYU vs. BSU 2016 in GIFs:

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

(Note: Vanquish the Foe can't seem to get the GIFs to work, so I'll post it as a fanshot. They've been very gracious!)

Memories of yesteryear:

1st Half

Jeremy McNichols makes an entrance on a 3-play drive:


BYU 3-and-out, followed by a TD pass to record-breaking Thomas Sperbeck. He makes this look easy:

BSU 14- BYU 0

How I felt when BSU was driving to score again before the end of the first quarter:

We got this...WHAT?! BSU field goal blocked and returned to the 50 by Kai Nacua, who's probably a Terminator:

BSU 14- BYU 3

Jonathan Moxie returns a kick to the 44. All is well.

...until it isn't. Fred Warner performs the pickiest six I've ever seen.

BSU 14-BYU 10

Coach Sitake decides to go for a fake punt on 4th and 19 from the end zone:

(He might have imagined that going differently.)

Time to capitalize!

BSU gets called for unsportsmanlike conduct,

then misses the field goal,

McNichols gets the ball stripped,

and Dayan Lake houses another pick.

Let me off of this thing!

BSU 14- BYU 17

The Broncos finally put together a good drive that ends with a TD.

BSU 21- BYU 17

2nd Half

BYU starts off with a 58-yard drive to score a TD:

BYU 24- BSU 21

A referee misses a blatant tripping violation on BYU and calls holding on BSU instead. This, combined with a missed facemask earlier, has me wondering who the boys in burglar clothes are playing for:

Another turnover for a BYU field goal. Starting to wonder now if our own guys are playing for BYU:

BYU 27-BSU 21

5 turnovers (make the bleeding stop!):

How does this "football" thing work?

Boise State gets the team pointed in the right direction and TE Jake Knight gets McNichols in scoring range.

BSU 28-BYU 27

BYU is making a final drive down the field. I can see the end coming, and there's nothing I can do about it:

Trying to remain calm...

David the Moa Constrictor blocks the field goal attempt! Game over right?


One more Hail Joseph attempt. (Shades of last season's nightmare):

BYU's luck runs out!

Finally over! BSU wins 28-27!

I don't know how we pulled it off, but an ugly win is still a win, right? We can awkwardly shake hands and call it a night!

See you next season, Cougars! Looking forward to another great game and ulcer!