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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State interviews; Coaching vacancies; MWC standings; Volleyball

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

A man died when a pile of books fell on him.

He only had his shelf to blame.

Catch up on some interviews

Mr. Thomas “All-time Boise State receiving yards record holder” Sperbeck

Man. I am going to miss this guy when he’s done.

Here is Ben Weaver

Boise State athletic director Curt Apsey

Arian Foster has retired from football

This comes off the heels of former Bronco Jay Ajayi rushing for 200+ yards in back-to-back games. You never really know how these things go when teams bring in players to provide an immediate shot at depth. While Ajayi’s beginning of the year started of pretty rocky (getting demoted, left in Miami) his immediate outlook is looking pretty bright. Now for him to keep that momentum going throughout the year.

Men’s basketball single-game tickets go on sale 10/26

Do make sure and try to make it to one of the games this year (both men’s and women’s) as home court advantage is really nice to have and the Broncos are going to need it this year. Especially in Nick Duncan’s final year.

The Mountain West Conference cross country championships are this Friday

Check out the map!

Are we all in agreement that the map looks like a shoe? Or some sort of floppy stocking? Poorly made hat? Allie Ostrander is not running, but Brenna Peloquin is. There is no drop off in quality there.

Boise State volleyball no. 37 in the NCAA RPI

This is important due to the NCAA eligibility requirements. Last year the Broncos were in the 40’s and were left out of the NCAA tournament (there is no Mountain West Conference tournament which is just baffling to me). The Broncos scored a big win against UNLV so in order to make it to the post-season, the Broncos need as many in the W column as possible. So far so good.

Boise State vs BYU football game netted just a shade under one million viewers

That is not too shabby considering the late start after Miami / Virginia Tech. To all those people who did not watch, there was a much stress to be had!

CBS Sports Tom Fornelli: Good weekend in Boise

It sure was a good weekend. Lots of things happened, most of it in Boise State’s favor.

Lane Kiffin working to be a head coach again

He will probably need to be start out small to rebuild his reputation. But I do not think he goes for the Fresno State job. No way are they going to pay him more than the $1.4 million he makes at Alabama. Coach Bryan Harsin is on this list as well (because of course). We should be under no illusions that he may decide to go to “greener” pastures one day despite him being nothing but Boise State football. But, until then, we enjoy this ride.

San Diego State has an impressive Points Allowed in conference play

Yes, their three conference games, to date, are UNLV, Fresno State, and San Jose State. But you still have to hand it to them for not allowing those games to be really close (a 17-3 win over Fresno State can be arguable about “close”).


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