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Moa adds to Boise State’s player of the week haul

OBNUG's Boise State vs BYU photo gallery

The 13th ranked Broncos have been doing pretty well on the field this season and we’re not the only ones to notice. The Mountain West Conference announced this morning that sophomore NT David Moa was their special teams player of the week after a gutty win over BYU last Thursday. Moa had a sack in the contest despite giving up 40 to 50 lbs to some of the Coug lineman opposite him, but his most important play was on special teams, where he blocked the go-ahead Cougar FG attempt with :15 left on the clock—a play that most in attendance or participating in the contest thought ended the game didn’t, but it kept points off the board and put the Cougs in even more dire straits.

After the game, Moa hobbled into the press conference and quipped that he was "too young" to feel the way he did (sore, exhausted...the way mortals feel every morning). He really left everything on the field (as evidenced by this photo I was fortunate enough to capture) and is more than deserving of this honor. BTW, the Broncos have had at least one player honored in 6 of the last 7 weeks by the MWC...the one week they didn't was a Bronco bye. SNUBBED!