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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Jay Ajayi does it again; No. of Boise State wins; Deruyter out

BYU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.

But my parents told me the sky’s the limit.

The king (University of Houston) is dead, long live the king

Going undefeated is hard. In any league, in any division, in any sport. So the expectations for Houston were just unrealistic. To say that they were the “next Boise State” is laughable because, well, it’s really hard to be the next Boise State. That and we are still THE Boise State.

If you were confused about the BYU blocked field goal at the end

This is pretty well-done in explaining what happened after the fact. In short: the refs got that part of the game correct. It’s just the rules that are a bit on the dumb side.

Just a reminder of where we are standing with wins in the west

I would have never guessed that Utah State has that many wins. Joke is on me I suppose.

Jay Ajayi: A doer of things

Oh this? This is just him asserting his dominance.

En route to another 200 yard rushing game. He joins a pretty elite list of running backs that have back-to-back 200 yard games: O.J. Simpson (twice), Earl Campbell, and Ricky Williams. Every Boise State fan knew that he had this in him, but he just needed the commitment. Well, he’s got it now, so hopefully he will be able to keep his momentum going.

Bronco soccer gets win on Sunday

Is now guaranteed a spot in the Mountain West Conference soccer tournament.

Here is the score that secured the win.

The Broncos, with their 5-2-3 conference record, are in fourth place with an upcoming match against the Utah State Aggies for seeding purposes.

David Moa is in your backfield

Sacking your quarterback.

Oh, and just winning football games with blocking field goals. You know, the usual.

Tim Deruyter out at Fresno State

He walked into a pretty good situation when he first got hired. Having Derek Carr on his roster made his first year go pretty smoothly, all things considered. It was everything after that first year that went down the toilet. Which kind of makes sense since he was not really planning on staying for the “long” haul.

Which begs the question: whoever takes over next year, is he going to find success?

That schedule is suboptimal for a veteran coach who has been around a while. A new guy trying to break in a new system with—mostly—none of his players? Yuck.


Would you care for a stick of gum?