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Lucky 13: Broncos rise in both polls

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos won ugly on Thursday night, but a win is most definitely still a win—something several teams this weekend couldn't claim, notably Houston and Ohio State. Houston, this year's "Boise State" lost to SMU—their 2nd (and probably not last) loss of the season and dropped from 11th to 24th in the coaches poll. #2 Ohio State fell from their undefeated perch with a loss to Penn State and dropped 6 spots to 8th in the country. Boise, for their Thursday night heroics, were rewarded by a one-spot bump in both polls up to 13. More importantly, Boise State is now in the driver's seat for a NY6 bowl. They just have to keep winning—easier said than done, as you can see.

This weekend's opponent, Wyoming, held on against Nevada last night and sit at 5-2 on the year. They received one vote in the Coaches' poll. Boise State's week 2 victim, Washington State, is just outside both polls with the most votes of any team not currently ranked.