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Who's Betting on Boise State? Week 8

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Each week, we scour the interwebs to find out which college football prognosticators pick Boise State, and which ones need a back-alley upper thigh examination. This week, BYU vs. the Lord's Team.

The Man, the Myth, the Wall.
The Man, the Myth, the Wall.
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports

Many of the writers at CBS Sports don't think BSU will cover the spread at 7.5 points (because you can't score half a point, doy), but they all have picked Boise State to beat BYU on the Blue. Wise choices, my friends!

Fox Sports

Former Sports Illustrated writer Stewart Mandel sees this game as a clash of running backs Jamaal Williams and Jeremy McNichols. Is there an over/under for rushing yards in this game?

Boise State 31, BYU 20

Bleach(drink)er Report

BYU has wins over the Big Ten (Michigan State), Pac-12 (Arizona) and SEC (Mississippi State) as it's navigated a ridiculous schedule. The power opponents are done, but the biggest challenge is coming: a Boise State team that needs to keep winning to secure the Group of Five bowl slot it claimed two years ago.

Boise has surprisingly had its closest games on its blue turf, nearly blowing a 25-point lead last week against Colorado State and winning by an average of 6.3 points at home. That's right up BYU's alley, having had six of seven decided by seven or fewer, so don't turn it off until the clock hits all zeroes.

They predict a nail-biter, so make sure your pacemaker batteries are charged.

Boise State 31, BYU 28

College Football News

This game is predicted to be decided by a late-game drive, and by late-game, I mean "Time-for-Bronco-Fan-Born-In-Boise-Now-In-Norway-to-go-to-work late."

I like this:

Boise State is better, has more on both sides of the ball, and it has the running game to crank it up and control the game, but it also can’t take the ball away.

So, let's just get a few takeaways and call it good!

Boise State 31, BYU 27

Campus Insiders

These previews are always worth a read, so click on the link. Robert Judin always seems to take time to do research about each team, and does a pretty thorough analysis. Plus, he believes in our Broncos!

Boise State 35, BYU 31


This is a link to another video, starring our favorite gum-smacking valley girl! (At least, that's what I think she should be doing when she says, "I, like, totally don't even think Boise State should be ranked in the top twenty, and stuff."

At least that's what I hear whenever she talks. Blah, blah, wrong team, blah.*

*Now I realize how inappropriate my punishment for picking against BSU is.

United Press International

This should be a close contest between two explosive offenses. Look for Brett Rypien to have a solid game throwing to his main target Sperbeck. Williams and Hill should put up points for the Cougars against a Broncos defense that looked vulnerable at Colorado State. Boise State gets the edge because of home field advantage.

See? Even international writers know what's up!

Boise State 41, BYU 35


The natural assumption for this game is likely offensive fireworks, but don’t expect that to happen. Both of these teams have physical defenses that limit their opponent from getting into the end zone.

Expect a low-scoring battle that’ll go down to the final minutes of the fourth quarter to be decided.

This is from a BYU writer:

Boise State 20, BYU 16