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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State rankings; Big 12 just the MWC?; Mid-season awards

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Colorado State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

She did not end up marrying the gardener.

Too rough around the hedges.

CBS Sports Fornelli 50 rankings

I will not reveal where the Broncos are here, but they are in the top ten!

Fox Sports Brutally honest top 25

Boise State almost goofed it during the Colorado State game. But they did not! So there is that!

Week 8 game projections from BCF Toys

I sure want this to be spot on. Would just make my night.

ESPN’s mid-season CFB awards

You can vote for which player(s) and coach(es) have performed best (or worst) thus far. While no Boise State players are on this list, a certain coach is. And, also, the current University of Washington head coach is on the ballot as well. Some good plays to choose from as well.

Iowas State AD: Big 12 is Mountain West without Texas and Oklahoma

He is probably more accurate than not (though I am, like, 99% sure this is an insult). I am just going to start saying that the Mountain West is the MAC without Boise State. There, I feel better already.


I never knew there was a name for that deep frown you make. Called Sturgeon Face.