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Bullet points: thoughts on the Colorado State win


First and foremost, these are thoughts on the Colorado State despite the fact that Boise State tried their darnedest to blow this one—they did not, so while we’re taking the good with the bad, the net result was very good. Anyway, we’ve got Cougs on Thursday night, so let’s wrap this one up.

  • Jeremy McNichols is one tough cookie. The junior back toted the rock 40 times on Saturday night, for a career-high 217 yards (with 2 scores for good measure). Of course, his weapon-ness also caught four balls for 47 yards and absolutely took over the game at pretty key moments. I love what J-Mac can do—and does—for us. That said, I’m still a bit baffled by the fact that he’s not getting any help. Alexander Mattison came into the game several times and lined up in the backfield, but it was generally at the same time as McNichols and he primarily served as a decoy. J-Mac’s toughness is unquestioned...but he’s getting the ‘14 Ajayi treatment and I feel like we’ve got the depth to at least give him a breather now and again.
  • Special teams hasn’t looked too special. The two botched onside kicks are going to get most of the pub, but I think the real issue is how conservative we’ve been on special teams. With onside kicks, the kicking team must wait for the ball to go ten yards if they are to be the first to touch the ball (unless it touches a member of receiving team first). Against OSU, and with the first onside kick that CSU recovered, Bronco “hands-team” seemed to be waiting for the ball to go 10 yards. And fair-catching punts on the 3 yard line? Actually, that isn't all that conservative now that I think about it...that's abandoning the safety of a likely touchback to field the ball inches from the goal-line. Nevermind, that was hardcore.
  • Where was Ced Wilson? We may never know. After being introduced as a game starter, Wilson was conspicuously absent from the field until he was tasked with making the surprise biggest play of the night—cleanly fielding onside kick number THREE. The absence of Wilson in the game plan let CSU commit TOP MEN to stopping Thomas Sperbeck...which they sorta did considering he had less than 100 yards. Harsin wasn't in much of a mood to talk about Wilson's absence, but suffice to say...he should be back against BYU.
  • We need to get Steven Baggett more involved in the passing game. His one-handed, four yard reception was SPECTACULAR.
  • Anyone else see Rypien take a shot in the first quarter and come up limping? Anyone else pee their pants when they saw that? Just me? Don't you judge!
  • Cedrick Wilson and Thomas Sperbeck are a combined 4-4 passing for 143 yards and 3 TDs. Quarterback controversy?
  • After a slow start, it actually looked like Boise State was going to cover the spread with about 6 minutes left in the game. Three minutes later, the Broncos were in the fight of their life. The moral of the story: life is unpredictable? Live for the moment? How about, "when you have your foot on the opponent's neck...keep it there instead of mentally playing Angry Birds for the last several minutes of a contest". That good?
  • We’re 6-0! Woooooot!