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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Jay Ajayi runs; Boise State soccer in fifth; Cotton Bowl; Rugby

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NCAA Football: Colorado State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I often get messages from the sun.

They are enlightening.

Jay Ajayi is getting used to being good at football

to the tune of 204 yards and two touchdowns. That is pretty great. You need to watch the highlights.

Seeing him have success warms the heart!

Soccer plays Lobos to a draw

The Broncos are playing for an opportunity to make the Mountain West Conference tournament. And are, so far, in fifth place to make it. Cross your fingers as the Broncos have three more matches left: UNLV, Nevada, and Utah State.

An updated standing:

CBS Sports Predicting Boise State in the Cotton Texas Bowl

Again, if all goes well, then the landing spot is already predetermined. Only the opponent will change.

So let us hope all goes well, yeah?

(I must have been thinking of a different publication. My apologies.)

Mountain West officials confirm handling of the clock at the end

This one does not read like a doubling-down on bad clock-watching. But is actually pretty interesting because they break down the events of that final play (all those laterals) pretty well. You should click to see the slow motion viewing of Nick Stevens kind of, sort of, forward-lateraling the ball. If you had been following OBNUG on Twitter, I was not handling the situation....well.

That was the best I could do considering the circumstances.

Boise State women’s club rugby beats Utah State

I wish I knew more about rugby and the funky way they hold the ball. I am so used to the American football-style of keeping the ball length-wise in one’s arm. Kudos to the Broncos.


You can Praise Gaben. Not entire sure what constitutes a “praise” and to what end. But this... is a thing that exists on the internet.