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Broncos Hold on to Win After Special Teams Meltdown

Colorado State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Broncos Win 28-23, Final

Homecoming vs Colorado State was a commemoration of the 10 year, original Fiesta Bowl anniversary. As a hat tip to the past, Korey Hall and Jared Zabransky were named honorary captains.

It was a slow start for the offense, but McWeapon would eventually blow that up. Not to say there wasn’t some excitement to be had at the end though. Let’s see how we got there!

In front of a crowd of 33,448, the Broncos received the ball to start the game. Mason Hampton was back in at center after having missed last week. The Broncos, however, failed to convert a fourth down in Ram's territory when a perfect pass bounced off of Thomas 'Usually Has Flypaper Hands' Sperbeck's mitts in the end zone.

Colorado State took their ensuing first possession into Bronco territory in 10 plays, covering 42 yards, and put one through the uprights. That FG marked the first time BSU had trailed all season. They still broke the school record, in the FBS era, playing 307:36 before surrendering a lead.

3-0 Rams

A few series in for each team, all we had learned was that Cedrick Wilson had yet to play, but both Bubba Ogbebor and Dylan Sumner Gardner had made appearances. This was Dylan's first game appearance of the season.

On the ensuing Bronco possession, OL Steven Baggett logged his first reception (and, likely, last) on a deflected pass. I feel like the big guy could have rumbled it a little, but he played it safe and laid down, to advance the ball 4 yards. The press box announcer made sure to note that Baggett still trailed Titus Young's career yards record by 3,059 yards.

It took until about a minute left in the first half for the Bronco offense to find a semblance of a groove. Weather was definitely playing a factor, with drops aplenty—even the immortal Sperbeck. Finally a 34 yard pass to McNichols put the Broncos in the red zone. They scored two plays later on a 12 yard shot to Sperbeck.

7-3, Broncos

The Rams received to start the second half, but quickly went 3 and out. On the first Bronco possession of the 2nd half, Cedrick Wilson made his way back into the game. No information available for why he sat a half, but apparently he is a part time witch doctor, because as soon as he got in, the offense came to life—without his even catching a pass. McNichols took the ball in for six after a 10 play, 79 yard drive.

14-3, Broncos

Immediately after BSU forced a three and out, Jeremy McNichols took a handoff on 2nd down and went straight To. The. HOUSE! 80 yards for the McWeapon. The third 80+ yarder of his career. At that point, Jeremy owned 3 of the 5 longest plays from scrimmage in BSU history.

21-3, Broncos

After forcing another Rams punt, Boise State drove 90 yards down the field in 16 plays. The drive was capped by a Sperbeck pass to A.J. Richardson. That would be the first career TD for Mr. Richardson.

28-3, Broncos

With a number of key Bronco defenders being cycled out to get younger players some reps, CSU drove down the field and finally punched it in from the 1.

28-10, Broncos

CSU opted for an onside on the following kickoff and recovered. It took them one passing play to capitalize. 12 seconds. 53 yards. Touchdown, Rams.

28-17, Broncos

Colorado State kicked the onside once again, and in a super lame turn of events, recovered...again! The Colorado State offense took advantage, yet again, and put the ball in the end zone on a short drive. The 2 point conversion attempt was no good.

28-23, Broncos

Colorado State went for the onside AGAIN, but Cedrick Wilson was there to get his first ‘catch’ of the night, snagging the attempt and dropping straight to the ground. Bronco ball. Finally. Boise State drove the ball down, but with 15 seconds left on the clock, failed to convert a 4th down. The Rams got the ball back, and after a lateral-polooza that ended with the ball rolling out of bounds, they still hadn’t scored. After some deliberation on how the ball finally went out of bounds, it was determined that it was an illegal forward pass, requiring a 10-second run-off, and the game was over.

It was stressful affair there at the end, to be sure. However, when the clock was out, the home team had more points on the board than the away team did. It was a good exercise in live-fire adversity for a team that has the potential for some lofty postseason prospects.

Over the course of the game, McNichols toted the rock a school-record 40 times for 217 yards and 2 TDs. Rypien didn’t light up the stats like he did last week, but he also didn’t turn the ball over. No one did, actually. For either team.

It was kind of an unusual night all around, but when asked about that, Coach Harsin had this to say “We have a win, what’s weird about that? It’s a ‘W’. There’s nothing weird about that. It’s a win. Watch college football. Every single week, it’s hard to win every single week. There’s no apologies for a W, at all, whatsoever.”

Roger that, coach. No apologies necessary for being 6-0 and already bowl-eligible either.

Next up, BYU on Thursday night. They’re coming off a win over Mississippi State, and Boise State will have a short week to prepare for their offense. And by ‘offense’, I mean ‘Jamaal Williams’. Should be a good game. See you there, and be loud!