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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Gameday edition!

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Boise State v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images


The Capitol building’s ready. Are you?


Today’s Game breakdown

Like, aside from ‘It’s gonna be awesome’.

Players to watch vs Colorado State

Preferably all of them, but if you have to ration your eyesight, here’s a handy guide!

New episode of ‘1-0’

Boise State voted top team in the Mountain West

Refreshing to be talking polls that (finally) make sense in October of an election year.

Thomas Sperbeck barely 100 yards from record

An absolute baller and a half, Sperbeck is averaging 19 yards per catch and has certainly earned his way to being in striking distance of this record. Presently the record is held by Titus Young, but Matt Miller also came within 9 yards of topping Titus’s numbers before being rendered unable to finish his career, due to injury.

Best of luck, dude!

The answer is ‘no’. It’s not fair. Not at all.

Turns out, Allie Ostrander isn’t the only phenom for Bronco XC


Dude, what?