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John Ojukwu verbally commits to Boise State

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NCAA Football: Boise State at New Mexico Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

Because a random Thursday night is a dull night on its own (pfft Thursday Night Football) we needed something to fill our void. And then our void was filled! Cryptically!

Just this on its own leaves questions. Matt Paradis, of the Denver Broncos, is playing tonight so maybe Coach Huff was just cheering on our own Super Bowl winning local guy? Quite plausible, but no. Not in this case.

That is when we we got the Bronco-Signal from the head man himself.

Which makes it official! In the sense that an athlete has decided to use his ever-expanding talents for good (Boise State football) and not for bad (any other school that is not Boise State).

So who is our illustrious new commitment?

Mr. John Ojukwu is a 6’ 6” 284 lbs senior at Boise High School who will, presumably, play offensive tackle for the Broncos. So far his national recruiting is limited. He has a Rivals profile, but he currently has no stars. And his only other offer is Hawaii. But his recruiting may heat up.

Well that a kick in the pants! He gains 100 pounds and gets a scholarship from Boise State. I gain a hundred pounds and have to buy new sweatpants. Life just is not fair sometimes.

In the meantime, let us welcome Mr. Ojukwu by watching some of his highlights!