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Colorado State Anagram Roster

One Brisk Lion!

Wyoming v Colorado State Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • Colorado State = Solo Rat Coated
  • Fort Collins, Colorado = Accordion Fools Troll
  • Mike Bobo = Bike Boom

Offensive starters for Colorado State

  • WR: Olabisi Johnson = Snail Joins Hobo
  • WR: Michael Gallup = A Illegal Chump
  • LT: Nick Callender = Ill Redneck Can
  • LG: Colby Meeks = My Sleek Cob
  • C: Jake Bennett = Teen Bank Jet
  • RG: Fred Zerblis = Elf Sized Brr
  • RT: Zack Golditch = Thick Adz Clog
  • TE: Nolan Peralta = Prenatal Loan
  • FL: Robert Ruiz = Biz Err Rout
  • RB: Dalyn Dawkins = Dandily Swank
  • QB: Nick Stevens = Vents Sicken

Defensive starters for Colorado State

  • LDE: Darnell Thompson = Smell Hand Pronto
  • NT: Josh Lovingood = Dovish Jog Loon
  • DE: Jakob Buys = Joky As Bub
  • RDE: Evan Colorito = Violet Racoon
  • SLB: Kiel Robinson = One Brisk Lion
  • MLB: Josh Watson = Oh Snot Jaws
  • WLB: Kevin Davis = A Vivid Kens
  • RCB: Tyree Simmons = Immense Story
  • SS: Jake Schlager = Heckle Gas Jar
  • FS: Braylin Scott = Snottily Crab
  • LCB: Kevin Nutt = Nuke Nit TV

Special Teams

  • P: Hayden Hunt = The Unhandy
  • PK/K: Wyatt Bryan = Bratty Yawn
  • KR: Detrich Clark = Child Tracker