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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State wants you at the game; Player interviews; Game location moved

Boise State v New Mexico Photo by Adria Malcolm/Getty Images

What did the cross-eyed teacher say?

I can’t control my pupils.

Boise State, and Ian Johnson, really want you to be at the game on Saturday

And, being honest, I want you there too.

All the proposal and none of the “getting intercepted by Oklahoma” for this. That is not a bad deal.

Updated college football stat profiles

The above link is all of the teams. Boise State’s specific profile is here. Lots of information to digest.

Vote for Brett Rypien as Manning Award Quarterback of the week

The results for the week are announced on Thursday, so get to clicking above and “liking” Mr. Rypien’s portrait. THIS IS IMPORTANT, PEOPLE.

Catch up on yesterday’s players interviews

Mr. Thomas “Gotta catch ‘em all” Sperbeck

Sam “I must break you” McCaskill

The Florida State / Boise State football game location moved

From Tallahassee to Jacksonville.

Not sure what is precipitating that result. But still good on Florida State for being willing to make the trek up here.


Go ahead and try this Mental Age Test.