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Boise State volleyball player earns Player of the Week honor

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Boise State vs Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In another edition of “Boise State athletes are pretty good” the Mountain West Conference bestowed another honor to a Boise State athlete.

This time it was Ms. Janell Walley of the volleyball team.

Ms. Walley was all over the court for the Broncos the past week. She had 22 total digs, seven kills, and two aces.

Though this is Walley’s first such recognition, it will probably not be her last. Walley marks the third Bronco to be recognized on the year, and the fourth player of the week total (Maddi Osburn has been recognized twice for defensive player of the week).

Boise State is currently tied with UNLV for number of MWC weekly recognitions. UNLV has two offensive, and two defensive. Boise State has one offensive, and three defensive.

As a funny aside, OBNUG was able to attend this past Saturday’s match against the Utah State Aggies. During one of the volleys, a Bronco managed to bump the ball but, unfortunately, it careened off towards the stands. It just so happened that the trajectory of the ball managed to heads towards where I was sitting. Fearing for my glasses (my wife would suggest my pretty face) I held up my arm to prevent the ball from owning me soundly. Little did I notice Ms. Walley was going to try to keep the ball in play.

Which would have meant crashing into me.

I saw my life flash before my eyes as a Division I athlete came barreling towards me to save the ball. Luckily, for me, she pulled up just in time to prevent me leaving the gym in traction. But, unfortunately, I did manage to smack the ball rendering the play dead.

Aggie point. Sorry guys. Maybe next time I will try not to panic.

Anyway, congratulations to Ms. Walley!