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Wake Up Bronco Nation: 1-7-2016: Former Boise State Coach Dirk Koetter May be New Tampa HC

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Koetter Expected to Replace Smith as Bucs Head Coach

Welcome back, Koetter! If former Boise State coach Dirk Koetter gets the nod as head coach, I’m sure We’re going to see a lot more plays around the skill-set of The Muscle Hamster Dougernaut. Last I heard, Doug Martin was 2nd only to Adrian Peterson in rushing this season.

Bailey Signs with Boise State

Although previously committed to Boise State 6-foot-4 offensive lineman Kole Bailey officially signed with Boise State yesterday. He’s a three-star recruit out of Twin Falls, and is definitely OKG.

ESPN Picks Lawrence for Cowboys’ MVP

ESPN has picked an MVP for every NFL team, and for the Dallas Cowboys, DeMarcus Lawrence was selected. He led the team with eight sacks in 2015, and also probably high-fives Sir Kellen every once in a while. Imagine if the Cowboys picked up Correa in the draft! They might not only be America’s Team, but Idaho’s also.

Sorry I’ve been so hit-and-mostly-miss these last few weeks! I spent all of last week in California at a wedding, and this week, every time a new story comes up, our crack team of story poachers writes up a whole article on it! Stop being so dang proactive, guys!