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Basketball GameThread: Boise State vs Utah State

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos return to the scene of the crime (well A crime, anyway)—Logan, Utah to take on the Aggies tonight in a place where wins don't come easily. The Broncos (10-4) will need to keep their foot on the gas to improve to 2-0 in league play...something they failed to do against Colorado State on Saturday, but still somehow eked out a win. Eking out wins is not as easy on the road, so 40 minutes of James Webb dunks and Drmic threes will suit us just down to the ground. You can watch tonight's proceedings on CBS Sports Network (boo) or listen to the game audio HERE. I should also mention that the voice of the Broncos, Bob Behler, will be throwing his dulcet tones behind the game as well on 670 KBOI.

Since the game is still 15 minutes away, why not do some oppo-research and see what the Aggies think of our Broncos. Now that that's out of the way....