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Boise State New Year's Resolutions

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If the full parking lot at the gym is any indication—New Year's Resolutions are still a thing (and precisely why the 'eat more cheese' Post-It note hangs on my bathroom mirror). Every year there are things we want to do better, do more of, or (usually) do less of. The Boise State Broncos are no exception and while I'm sure Coach Harsin has put together a nifty PowerPoint presentation on the whole matter...I've taken the liberty of making a few New Year's assumptions on behalf of the Broncos.

To wit...

Bryan Harsin

1) Hug more sea lions (the Broncos are 1-0 in games directly following sea lion pleasantries)


2) Copyright term "Harsining" before it gets out of control.

3) Quit leaving our playbook lying around.

Eliah Drinkwitz

1) Find a guy committed to a Pac-12 school. Flip him.

2) Strike the "tipped pass interception" from our playbook entirely.

3) Horace Grant goggles instead of glasses on gamedays?

Marcel Yates

1) Watch a few DVDs.

2) Maybe a little light reading too (if I have time)

Brett Rypien

1) Keep being awesome.

2) Don't ride with my sister anymore after dental visits

Tyler Rausa

1) Perfect self high-five or change deodorant more frequently?

Jeremy McNichols

1) Lobby for nickname change. "The Weapon" is good, but "The SuperWeapon" is better. Talk to Doug Martin about how to try to change nicknames.

2) Learn to long snap. Can't truly be "all purpose" unless that's in the repertoire.

Thomas Sperbeck

1) Take "The Weapon" nickname once it's been vacated. C'mon, a couple of guys out!

Zee, the Tee Dog

1) Get the tee. Get the tee. Get the tee. Get the tee.