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Boise State Offers More Clarity on Quarterback Competition

The Broncos are going to have a QB "controversy" coming in the spring and subsequent falls. What are the first steps for them to handle it?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the year people were, rightly, surprised that Coach Harsin would announce that the quarterback position for the Broncos would be "open." When our friends at the Mountain West Connection brought up the issue, Coach Harsin had this to say:

Pretty standard coach-speak response to an honest question. (Though we at OBNUG are curious as to why Coach Harsin has not yet responded to our requests for an appearance at OBNUG HQ, Dairy Queen. We get it, Coach, you've been busy with winning a bowl game, and all, so we will just continue to politely wait.)

This morning, local radio station KTIK sent this tweet out:

Apparently the dedication to an "open" competition was not just lip-service. There appears to be a real commitment by the Broncos to either get a competition going, or perhaps something else entirely.

There it is!

This is quite a more believable reason for the "open" competition. What with Ogle transferring the Broncos are pretty thin at scholarship QBs heading into the spring (Rypien, Finley, and Stuart). Which is an issue. Having a true freshman at the helm, who performs pretty well, can be discouraging for any QB that is on the roster and, you know, wants to play.

No one should lose his/her job to an outside force out of his/her control. As much as we were grousing earlier in the year about certain performances, Finley was starting for a reason. And then the decision was made for the Broncos to put Rypien in. And Rypien performed admirably.

Stemming the tide of transfers, the coaches needed to do something to stop the bleeding. Here is to the open competition, whatever that means.