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Boise State Game Balls for Week of December 27th

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Now the action is going to start back up. Basketball is in full conference swing and the other sports will start picking up. But for now, we have some game balls to hand out.

Game Ball One:

James Webb III (basketball)

james webb

Webb had himself a week, starting with UC Davis. Webb was this close to a double-double, 23 points and 9 rebounds. What is remarkable is he's been working on his freethrows going 8-9. He did get four personal fouls, but managed to stay in the game to help. The story repeats itself against Colorado State on January 2nd. 28 points, nine rebounds, and another all right night in freethrows going 7-13. If you have not seen a Boise State game this year, you need to. Webb is always good for one of these.

EDIT: And the Mountain West Conference honored Webb with a MWC player of the week honor.

Game Ball Two:

Paris Austin (basketball)

paris austin

The youngster isn't really filling out the stat sheet yet. Lots of time to grow into his role and expand his playing time. But he did get some good minutes this past week and he's been getting better at the defensive end. So why is he here? Basically this set up for Webb.

During the post-game presser Coach Leon Rice had mentioned it took Moxey--err--moxie for Austin to make that lob, but Austin is used to that. Austin is continuing to do good things for the Broncos so, hopefully, he will appear here more often.

Game Ball Three:

Emma Chard (swimming)

emma chard

The Broncos had a swim meet on January 2nd where the team went 3-0 versus the likes of UNLV, UC San Diego, and Grand Canyon. Ms. Chard picked up two freestyle victories and was part of the women's 800 free relay. The most victories for a Bronco individual at the meet. Congratulations Ms. Chard!!

Game Ball Four:

Mikey Thompson (basketball)

mikey thompson

Mr. Thompson made his presence known in the Colorado State game, 18 points, 6 rebounds to go along with 9 assists (the assists are a game and career high). Thompson is a leader for the Broncos and has helped push for Bronco victories throughout the season, and showed up for the Colorado State game.

Congratulations Thompson!

Game Ball Five:

Shay Shaw (basketball)

shalen shaw

Ms. Shaw did some work in a losing effort against Colorado State with 15 points and 12 rebounds against the Rams. Shaw continues to be the workhorse for the Broncos and gets the Broncos in a position to win games. This was a close, tough, matchup but the Broncos still get the Rams at home.

Game Ball Five:

Yaiza Rodriguez (basketball)


We talk about the #CityofThrees, well, Ms. Rodriguez showed up, sinking 4-5 threes. On the day, Rodriguez had 19 points and 3 assists. She mostly directs traffic for the Broncos, so she does not usually have a ton of stats, but she gets the Broncos where they need to be.

Your Turn

Let us wake from our holiday slumber and get back to it, yeah? We have some stuff coming down the pike and hopefully will fill these doldrums with other stuff. Welcome back, Broncos, and lets get some more championships!