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It's official: Zak Hill is kinda-sorta our new offensive coordinator (with caveats)

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the news that we all knew was coming for days has finally become officially official, and Hawaii's 48 day-old OC Zak Hill has been hired for the same position at Boise State...kind of. Hill, as many that follow his twitter account already knew, is to be a co-offensive coordinator as well as his roles with Brett Rypien the Bronco QBs. Just who would be co-coordinating (a fun word to say) with Hill was a source of much speculation, but speculate no's going to be Scott Huff (again sort of). Huff will share OC duties with Hill and help coordinate the run game and Hill will focus on the pass game with a little help from Junior Adams, the new "passing game coordinator". Clear as mud yet? Don't worry, it gets muddier.

Coach Harsin himself will be calling the plays for the time being, meaning we're just three heads shy of a Bronco hydra. Harsin has long had HC veto power in the offensive game plan, I'm assuming, and as a former OC himself is no slouch...but the coordinator booth will certainly be a bit more snug this coming Fall (which is great when body warmth is needed in late November). Harsin's comments on the staff shakeup can be found below:

"While I'm first and foremost the head coach, I really enjoy the offensive aspect of the game. One of the most exciting parts of coaching is being immersed in the game plan and calling the plays. As we move forward right now, I'll be in charge of the play calling for the offense. The nice thing is we have spring ball to work through the details and implement the best working system for our offense to be successful. Ultimately, this is still about a Bronco offense that has been very good for a long period of time. This group of coaches will find new ways to innovate, as that's always been our way at Boise State."

So there you have it. Lots of change, but loads of accountability. You've seen Hill's credentials in our previous post, but here's what co-co-coordinators Junior Adams (a fellow EWU coaching alum) and Scott Huff had to say about the Broncos newest coaching acquisition.

Scott Huff, rider of lightning

"Our offensive staff room will be super-charged," Huff said. "Zak's coming in as the newest member, and he brings an impressive knowledge of the quarterback position. Rid (Kent Riddle) will remain our steady hand in working with the tight ends, who are so integral to our offense. Lee (Marks) is now in his second year with the running backs and working closely on our run game, while also helping Rid with special teams. Junior (Adams) and Zak will team together on the passing game, and having coached together previously we feel really good about that combination. Bottom line, led by Coach Harsin, we'll all have a role in dialing up the offensive plan and making sure our guys are in the best position to be successful."

Junior Adams, less senior of the Adamses

"Zak Hill has a great offensive and quarterback mind," Adams said. "Believe me, I saw it first-hand when I worked with him at Eastern. There is a chemistry that needs to be developed between quarterbacks and receivers for any offense to be successful. The fact Zak and I have worked together before, specifically on the passing game coordination, puts us that much further ahead in what we are trying to accomplish in the offensive staff room."