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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1/27/2016: Darian Thompson standing out

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday. Even more eventful than Monday. Let's ride to the links!

Broncos reveal themselves

Coach Harsin had a couple "Go Broncos" yesterday.

Which, it is presumed, the one that Scott Huff tweeted about previously:

Then Donté Harrington revealed himself.

Previously Josh Fatu had come out as a Bronco commit.

Much recruits. Such goodness.

Darian Thompson getting some good press

Nice words about the former Bronco.

Teams seek playmakers on the back end and that's all Thompson did for the Broncos


One of the downsides to recruiting

This a disappointing side to the whole college recruiting thing. A young man excited to make the next step and follow his dreams. Unfortunately when there are no empty slots this late in the game, these kids get left out. Seems as though he was banking on, at minimum, the Utah State availability. Hopefully he is able to get an opportunity somewhere.

Top Ten draft prospects with most to prove at Senior Bowl

No. Thompson is not on this list. But a fellow Mountain West guy is. You should check to find out.

Kentucky has Drake. Boise State has Snoop.

That is fair.

Snoop with Jay Ajayi

Snoop with Bryan Douglas

Snoop with Jeremy McNichols

Now all we need is for Snoop to try the equivalent of missing basketball shots. Field goals?


You like pugs?

All Glory to the Hypnotoad.

Color me pink. Blue? Turquoise?