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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1/26/2016: Boise State gymnastics break top 10 rank

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The machine that is Boise State football recruiting never sleeps. To wit: neither do I.

On to the links!

Harsin doing things on Twitter to throw Bronco Nation in a tizzy

Mostly by putting out some Tweets.

For those keeping score at home, that's four possible commits. However the second "Go Broncos" from last night could be speculated that it is for an offensive coordinator. All conjecture mostly. And the final tweet (the one at the top)? Who knows. There are some who, incorrectly, think it's "encouraging" folks to interact with recruits. This can not be further from the truth. (Please do not tweet at recruits, it's just better this way.)

Fesili confirms his commitment

Which is most pleasant. Any time we can get more guys of Fesili's stature on board the Awesome Train, the better. Fesili had been taking other official visits. He was just in Hawaii.

A lot of times commit to teams to ensure they have a place to land. But still want to explore their options. It was widely known the the current University of Washington head coach expected total commitment, going so far as to pull scholarships from players if they did not shut down their recruiting. This has caused some harsh feelings from some recruits and those fans on Twitter (yes, I am talking about the Canada incident). Overall, the recruiting game is a business. I hope that Boise State does the right thing from every outset to keep lines of communication open about what the recruits should expect. However, there are always things about recruiting that pop up that no one likes. But this one ended happily, and that's a good thing.

Broncos ranked 10th

Which is pretty awesome. This is the highest ranking that Boise State has ever nabbed. The Broncos are on a roll, so far, this year going 4-0. And the Broncos are around some pretty good company. #4 UCLA and #7 Utah are the only teams out of the west higher than the Broncos. Some other notables? #9 Auburn. #12 Stanford. #16 Missouri (FACE, MISSOURI!!!). I plan on making a meet, or two, this year. As should you.

Miquelle Askew nabs MWC player of the week

Her last two games were good ones. Enough to garner the recognition from the Mountain West. Which was well deserved. Congratulations Ms. Askew!


I am not really a basketball fan outside of Boise State. But I do appreciate skill. Steph Curry has been unreal this season. Plus, he faked out Kawhi Leonard. If you follow Boise State rivals, Leonard is a San Diego State alum. So I feel this is ok to enjoy in this safe space.

Mango? Mango

I imagine this is what Casey Joplin does when Brett Rypien throws a touchdown. (You will need speakers and, yes, it is safe for work.)