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Former Boise State players making names for themselves in all-star games

Broncos need all the football exposure they can get headed into the NFL Draft. Despite remarkable play on the field during their careers, it is imperative that as many connections as possible can be made between them and coaches who are likely to put them on the field.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State players looking to improve their draft stock or, at least, get seen by scouts have been all over the all-star game circuit. To whet the appetite it was the Tropic Bowl with appearances of Maston, Shane-Williams Rhodes and Rondell Mcnair. Today two games were on tap. The NFLPA Collegiate Bowl (which featured Donte Deayon) and the Shriner's East-West game and Marcus Henry.

Done Deayon was able to do some work while in the NFLPA game with a solid week of practice:

That is Trevone Boykin that Deayon picked off.


Which is good to see. Most likely homer glasses here, but I always thought that Deayon was at least a third round draftee selection. I am, most likely, wrong (because obviously) but a guy that was tied for the Mountain West Conference interceptions record and, possibly, could have been the overall leader? That is no slouch stuff right there. Just glad that there are some scouts that are seeing him for the awesome ball hawk he is.

Here are a few clips of the National team. Deayon making sure he gets some air time.

The National team ended up winning the contest 18-17. On six field goals.

Deayon did pretty well considering the situation. The official playbook from the game is here. Deayon had one punt return for five yards and three solo tackles.

Not to be outdone, Marcus Henry (#72) is doing his thing as well for the the West team at the Shriner's East-West All-Star game. The West won 29-9.

Linemen stats, especially offensive, are not as easy to garner, but Henry being able to blend quite nicely with any scheme will be a beautiful thing to see.

You can see some of the recap here. If you watch the clip we see Henry behind June Jones. Henry does not start the game, but makes an appearance in the second quarter blocking for Vernon Adams. He looked pretty good doing it too.

Up next is the best safety in the draft: Darian Thompson and an appearance in the Reese's Senior Bowl.

He is already going to be high on some draft boards. But why he isn't "the one" is mind-boggling for me.

Trust me, Jaguars fans, he's no "consolation" prize. As far as safeties go, he IS the prize.

And, Bucs, as far as defenders go, he is your man.

The Patriots are looking at him too:

I talk pretty excitedly about Darian Thompson. But that's probably not quite the same thing, huh?

Good luck Mr. Thompson! Hopefully you, too, will be able to turn some heads at these games.