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Emmanuel Fesili confirms as a Boise State commitment

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Mondays. The start of the work week and the start of a recruiting race where the Broncos are looking to end strong and rebound from the ...unpleasantness... from Thursday and Saturday. Fesili was one of the "quiet" Broncos commits. Meaning that a "Go Broncos" was never, directly, confirmed by Fesili. Just widely thought so.

Well Monday it was confirmed.

The Broncos brought the house to see Fesili. He had been taking official visits while still, technically, being committed to the Broncos. Calling him a big commit would be an understatement as Rivals has him as a three star commit. At 6' 2" and 280 lbs he's got some... mass. And he fills a pretty big hole (both literally and figuratively) for the Broncos going into next year. He most definitely fulfills that whole "good get" thing we talk about when referencing recruits being added to schools.

Check out his junior year highlights.