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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1/25/2016: Paradis going to the Super Bowl

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of things happened this weekend. Some bad, but mostly good. Let us go ahead and take a look at some of those things, shall we?

Paradis continues to play this season and marks an appearance in the Super Bowl

To recap, this guy:

Is looking to do this to another hapless soul:

While protecting some dude with a big forehead:

He is looking to be the fourth Bronco (that I am aware of: Kimo, Hall, and Colledge) to play (Clady is injured again) and have a Super Bowl Ring. Good luck Mr. Paradis.

Unfortunately Denver fans have to root for Vandal Alum Shiloh Keo.


Recruiting can be awful

Especially if it snowballs.

But it can also be rewarding.

And people can be replaced.

Which is interesting because the Broncos actually had three commits in a pretty quick turnaround.

go broncos

Math is simple: Boise State loses two recruits in the span of three days. In the span of a day, two of the new recruits are accounted for. That leaves a mystery recruit that gets the Broncos one ahead. Hopefully signing day lends itself to great things!

Saturday was a productive day for the Broncos as a whole

And it was not just the men's and women's basketball teams won.

The track team saw some good wins.

The women's tennis team beat Weber State to open their season with a win.

Men's tennis beat San Fransisco but lost to Texas A&M on Sunday.

Swimming and Diving had a good day at the Boise YMCA.


Ever heard of that saying "Dollar waiting on a dime?"

You guys need a Unicode Snowman?