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Boise State Game Balls week of January 17th

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Last week was a flurry of news and nerves, amiright?! With so many things going on (most importantly Boise State wins!) it is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget that there are those that are currently putting in their time at Boise State to make sure that they are victorious. Why don't we go ahead and review some of those folks?

Game Ball One:

Sandra Collantes (gymnastics)

Game Balls made an egregious error last week. I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT GYMNASTICS! In case you were not aware, January 15th Boise State had a match down at UC-Davis against UC-Davis and Seattle Pacific. To which Boise State dominated their foes. Netting first place spots in all but one of the individual events. Ms. Collantes got a personal best in the floor routine with a score of 9.9. When was the last time YOU got a 9.9 in anything?! (Do not answer that as I will not believe you.) Ms. Collantes also had a "pretty decent" night on January 22 against BYU and a rematch against UC-Davis (in Provo) with a floor routine of 9.925 that netted her a win in the event. That lead helped the Broncos beat BYU and UC-Davis (again) with a team total of 196.425. So congratulations, Ms. Collantes, on your metaphorical game ball!!

Game Ball Two:

Kristine Jacobsen (gymnastics)

Ms. Jacobsen did some work at the same event on January 15th. She won the Uneven Bars with a 9.875, which helped her take the all-around title with a overall score of 39.125. She had a 9.65 vault, a 9.775 beam, and a 9.825 on the floor. Only Ms. Collantes, above, had a better score on the floor. I may not know much about about gymnastics (read: that it is insanely difficult) but I can only assume that Jacobsen totally dominated her nearest competitor in the all-around (Ariana Harger of Seattle Pacific with a score of 37.9). Ms. Jacobsen also had a strong showing against BYU/UC-Davis with a 9.825 in the uneven bars. The senior leader has helped the Broncos start a 4-0 start on the season and get the Broncos to #13 in the nation. Ms. Jacobsen: congratulations on doing everything awesomely!

Game Ball Three:

Geordan Martinez (wrestling)


Last Sunday (January 17th) was not exactly the best day for Bronco wrestling. In fact, they got worked by Wyoming in the dual 33-6. There was, however, a couple of bright spots and Mr. Martinez (number 17 wrestler in the nation at his weight class at the time) was one of them. He earned a decision in the 149 class with a 11-6 victory over Wyoming's Cole Mendenhall. Rough day for the Broncos overall, but Mr. Martinez came through. Congratulations Mr. Martinez!

Game Ball Four:

Tillman Haynes (tennis)

tillman haynes

This one is kind of difficult. As the men's tennis team absolutely dominated the Southern Utah Thunderbirds (anytime we can crush a team from Utah is a good day!). I mean, it only took an hour and twenty minutes to end the matchup. So when the Broncos completely dominate the field, and everyone beat their opponents, how do you choose the guy to get the Game Ball? How about the freshman that clinched the whole thing? Well that is what I did. Mr. Hayes dispatched his opponent, Ryan Andrus 6-0, 6-1 and then did it again in doubles (partnered with Abe Hewko) to beat Andrus/Branden Olcutt 6-0, 6-1. To Mr. Haynes a Game Ball!

Game Ball Five:

Nick Duncan (basketball)

nick duncan

Against the San Diego State Aztecs the Broncos only scored one three pointer (thanks Nick!). Versus the San Jose State Spartans? Duncan unleashed the hounds early (the first shot of the game) and often (six made threes) to pull the Broncos out of the shooting slump and work the Spartans 94-69. And while Mr. Duncan was not responsible for ALL of the threes, he certainly knew when they were going to drop.

Watch him on the bench during this Mikey Thompson three.

Mr. Duncan also added 6-7 freethrows, and four rebounds to his stats. And a technical. During the press conference afterwards he had mentioned that Leon Rice got a technical during the Nevada game, so he was entitled to one. Sounds like good logic to me! In the Wyoming game Mr. Duncan's stats were not AS impressive, but solid with 8 points (1 three), and 5 assists.

Mr. Duncan, enjoy the Game Ball for ending the awfulness that was Bronco shooting!

Game Ball Six:

James Webb, III (basketball)

james webb

I feel that Mr. Consistency here is probably going to wear out his welcome in this slot. Or maybe not. Outside of his usual double-double, Mr. Webb almost netted a 20-20. But, alas, he came up a little short against the Spartans with 24 points and only 18 rebounds. Unfortunately he had struggled versus Wyoming with 9 points, 7 rebounds, and then fouling out. Something about Wyoming. The Broncos came away with a double-digit win, but not without some rough patches.

Game Ball Seven:

Lonnie Jackson (basketball)

lonnie jackson

Mr. Jackson had a quiet game against the Spartans, but absolutely lit up the scoreboard against Wyoming. To the tune of 7 threes! Aaaaand that was it (aside from a rebound and an assist). Jackson did not mess around with anything less than threes! As a team, the Broncos went 39% from beyond the arc. It is strange that the Broncos can play, relatively, poorly and still come away with wins. But a win is a win. So congratulations Mr. Jackson on your Game Ball!

Game Ball Eight:

Miquel Askew (basketball)


Ms. Askew has a propensity to do basketball things well. And against the Spartans was no different. She scored a whopping 39 points(!!) along with 13 rebounds. Askew was, literally, half the Broncos point total in the 78-75 win. She was even able to add a couple of assists and steals to boot. Against Wyoming she had a more modest output with 12 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. Ms. Askew, congratulations!

Game Ball Nine:

Shay Shaw (basketball)

shalen shaw

Ms. Shaw has continued to be a consistent double-double machine. On a night that Ms. Askew had a record-setting scoring output, Shaw didn't have too shabby of an outing either. Against the Spartans, Shaw had 21 points and 12 rebounds. 60 points between two Broncos is pretty impressive. Shaw also led the Broncos against the Wyoming Cowgirls with 20 points and 11 rebounds. This marks Shaw's seventh double-double out the last eight games. Ms. Shaw should just get a Game Ball just based on consistency.

Game Ball Ten:

Chassity Love (track: sprints)

chassity love

We always comment on those athletes who can run really fast going so far as to make a big deal about it, even when it's not really an area that has a big impact on the even itself. Well, in track, that is literally all that matters. And Ms. Love runs fast. Really fast. She ran the 200 meters in 24.42 seconds a season best. She also got second in the 60 meters by a hair with a time of 7.69 (first place was 7.67). Ms. Love is SPRINTING toward a Game Ball with some haste!

Want to see her run fast? Sure you do.

Game Ball Eleven

Fernando Martinez (track: sprints)

fernando martinez

Mr. Martinez also had a pretty decent day on the track. He won the 400 meters with a 47.96. And he also helped the men's 4x400 meter relay win with a time of 3:15.89. I wish I was talented to run really fast and beat other individuals that are also running fast. But I am not. Instead I write about those that are fast. Such is life.

Game Ball Twelve

Megan Lalone (tennis)

megan lalone

Ms. Lalone was one half of a Bronco doubles win over Weber State on January 23rd. After the Broncos dropped their first two doubles, Lalone and Hanna Kantenwein were able to snag the Bronco's only win in doubles. Lalone would also go on to win her singles match against Morgan Dickason of Weber State 6-2, 6-2. To the victors go the Game Ball!

Game Ball Thirteen:

Hanna Kantenwein (tennis)

Can't really give one Game Ball to a doubles winner without giving the other half one as well. Ms. Kantenwein was also able to win her singles match 6-1, 6-2 against Weber State's Dominique Beauvais. Ms. Kantenwein a Game Ball is yours!