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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1/20/2016: Boise State basketball teams win

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Thursdays. They're like pretend Fridays, but without all the fun of it being actually Friday. We've got some time to kill before the weekend. And it was a slow day yesterday, but we'll still slug through it and see what we can dig up!

Broncos get back on winning track against San Jose State Spartans

And they came roaring back with some great performances from Nick Duncan and James Webb. When Duncan hit the first three forty seconds into the game, you could get the feeling that he was going to go on a tear. Hitting 6-12 of his threes, and had as many threes as San Jose State.

And up to this point, Webb has had a pretty remarkable career while at Boise State.

And all he does is collect double-doubles. Here's to more coming!

The Boise State women's basketball team won as well

The Broncos were in a bit of trouble while in San Jose. Trailing by as many as thirteen in the second quarter, the Broncos rode the momentum of Shay Shaw, the double-double collector, and her 21 points and 12 rebounds, and Miquelle Askew's own double-double of 39 points and 13 points. The Spartans had the lead a whopping 26:49 of game time. It was not until five minutes and change in the third quarter were the Broncos able to tie up the game. And the Broncos only ever had a 6 point separation between them and the Spartans. At the 4:31 mark, the Broncos were able to gain, and keep, the lead for good. The Spartans did have the last possession and missed a three that would have tied it up. Broncos win 78-75.

2015 College Football Season Rankings: 111-120

Because everyone knows that football reigns supreme (even during basketball season) everyone is going to try and do something college-football related. And make sure it stretches out as much as it can. So we are treated to Campus Insiders rankings of the 2015-16 season. Boise State is not this low in the rankings (obvi) but two MWC teams are (which is always great for perception), two Sun Belt teams (nope, Idaho is not that low on this list), and one Pac-12. Will make sure to double-check this list as it goes along to see any other highlights.

Donte Deayon impressing at the NFLPA Bowl

Because obviously.


I hope you have a lot of patience.


Have a great one folks!