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Basketball GameThread: Boise State vs San José State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

When one streak ends, another always begins (that's deep) and the Broncos should get that trend moving back in the right direction when the 6-12 Spartans visit this evening. Boise State can hardly do worse than their 1-17 three-point shooting performance against the Aztecs and Webbie and Hutchison won't have to contend with as much height and athleticism in the lane tonight. Remember, Boise State started the year 0-3 in MWC play a season ago, so 4-1 is no death knell (and SDSU is pretty good). I'd expect plenty of dunking, stealing and for the love of God...more than one 3-pointer against the semi-hapless San José squad. If you want to look for a little intrigue in this one, SJSU did beat Montana...a team that the Broncos lost to back in November, but beyond that it's expected to be smooth-sailing for our boys in blue (or orange, white or black). You can tune in via the live internet stream HERE, or listen to the webcast HERE. If those options are exhausted, or you find yourself can always tune in to 670 KBOI for the call. Also, be sure to follow @OBNUG as Damien will be courtside live-tweeting the proceedings and he'll also be at the postgame.