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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1/20/2016: Kiesau staying at Fresno State

Harry How/Getty Images

So here we are folks.

Guess what day it is?

It's Wednesday and we're getting closer to the weekend, national signing day (February 3rd), and then Spring ball!

But one day at a time. So let's kick it off!

Jeremy McNichols appears in best returning players list

Which is not a surprise. Another year older and another year wiser bodes well for the Boise State offense going into the next year. We'll keep an eye out for the rest of the list is out. Perhaps Sperbeck and/or Rypien may make an appearance.

Eric Kiesau not coming to Boise State

Kiesau even went so far as to put out a statement to that effect:

Which is actually a pretty dangerous, and telling, practice.

Apparently Kiesau is a coaching rising star. And having him on the staff probably would have been a good thing for Boise State. Not just being a "death knell" for Fresno State, strategically, but a recruiter and new blood for the Broncos. Having the Alabama tie-in would not hurt.

He has set an interesting precedent for other job opportunities going forward. Is he going to personally respond to every rumor or time his name comes up in a job-search? Is placating the masses at Fresno State, and most likely the upper-brass, that important that he has to set himself up for failure going forward?


This is why the current University of Washington coach never has a response regarding a coaching opportunity one way or the other. Because the ONE time he (in this case Kiesau) does not respond? He is gone. While the Fresno State fanbase has the reassurance that he is staying at Fresno State, it will only be a matter of time before he has an offer he cannot refuse.

And a tweet he cannot send.

Boise State lands a lockdown corner!!!

Wooooh!!! Let's check and see who it is!!

Well isn't that just a big tease. Still, congratulations to Mr. Donte Deayon on his selection to the NFLPA Bowl. I fear for the quarterbacks who are about to throw his way. Their draft stock will not improve.

Another draft list, more Boise State names

Both Kamalei Correa and Rees Odhiambo are on it. You should check to see where they end up. Yes, there are couple of Utah State guys, no Idaho. Take what you can get, right?

Will the real Marcel Yates please stand up?

Here is a recap from the San Jose News:

OOhhhh. So close. How about this one?

Close, right?

Finding the right pictures of people is hard.

David Lucero dismissed from the team

Seemed inevitable more than anything, especially with the Bates news.

Some closure (or at last partial closure) on that whole mess.


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