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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1/19/2016: Correa a top 50 draft prospect

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Ah boy. Monday's, amirite?! Needless to say, it was quite the eventful one yesterday. So we'll go ahead and rehash some of it today, sound good?


Marcel Yates leaves for sunny Tucson, Arizona

The media speculation on this one went from one end of the spectrum to the other.

One national media member said it was not a deal yet.

Another said he was expected to go.

While the local media said Yates already filed a complaint with his new Home Owner's Association because his neighbor had too many pink flamingos.

Well that's a fine howdy-doo. How funny would it be if it was the same guy telling all the local media the same thing?

At any rate, a lot is to be said about Coach Yates leaving. There are, rightly, going to be questions about everything regarding this departure. From the internal strife between the coaches to the recruiting.


BJ Rains had a full interview with Yates. Read it.

Yates also had a planned statement:

And, wow, that is super hard to read. For those who do not want to blind yourself:

I am extremely grateful to Coach Harsin and Boise State for all they have done for me personally and professionally. Arizona is a great opportunity for me to be a coordinator in the Pac-12 at a school and conference I have great respect for. To have this opportunity speaks volumes about my time at Boise State and how people think about this program nationally.

The Bronco culture and standard of excellence is as strong as ever. It's a program bigger than any coach or player, and will be highly successful next year and years after that because of the staff in place and the blue collar attitude of the players and program.

Well Coach Yates, we wish you all the best and hopefully you have success in your endeavors (except against Boise State).

And with the news that Coach Yates has gone leads us to...

Andy Avalos promoted to Boise State Defensive Coordinator

I love this hire. I remember the days where Avalos would roam the backfield and just punish the other teams. Seeing him back on the blue, in general, brought back a lot of memories for me so having him get this opportunity to take a leadership role is befitting a player of his caliber.

Will Hall of KTVB said it best:

So let us have fun with this great news! And watch Andy Avalos' video from last year!!

So what about the Boise State Offensive Coordinator?

There are no resting of laurels here. But the Broncos seem to be taking their time. Though a name has already come up.

Now this one is an interesting name. He was JUST hired by Fresno State. And Josh Webb (of Athlon Sports) has some things to say.

You would have to follow the thread after that as his insight to a possible hire of Kiesau from Fresno State is interesting. Namely who Bartko (the athletic director of Fresno State) could bring in if DeRuyter is canned (no, he does not name the individual).

Thompson and Odhiambo are going to the NFL Combine

Which is great for those guys. The opportunity to do all sorts of things that do not really have anything to do with football per se. When was the last time a receiver ran a straight 40 yard dash, unhindered, while making a play in the NFL? When was the last time a dude ran the shuttle during a game? I know these are tests of agility, etc., but a lot of these tests seem far-fetched. It is a big deal to go to this thing, so I hope these two knock it out of the park. Have to wonder if Kamalei Correa, Marcus Henry, or Donte Deayon are going to get invites.

Kamalei Correa considered one of the top 50 draft prospects

Which is pretty awesome. No other Boise State player, per the NFL, is on this list. They have him listed as a linebacker, which makes sense. I feel he is in the Shea McClellin mold. And they have plenty of nice things to say regarding Correa's athleticism and effort. Am not sure what they mean by the fact he is "twitched up" but, in the context of the story, it is a good thing. Some other notable players that are among the top 50: #20 Robert Nkemdiche Ole Miss; #28 Kyler Fackrell Utah State; #42 Connor Cook Michigan State.

Want to watch some Correa highlights and pine for what could have been had he stayed another year? Sure you do.

Joe Lunardi Bracketology: Boise State not in NCAA tourney

Still far too early in the process to count Boise State out. But in a year where the Mountain West is only projected to get one team in the field, it is not too terribly great news to not be in the running so far. Boise State (52, previously 47) still has the highest RPI ranking in the Mountain West despite the loss to San Diego State. Interestingly enough? SDSU actually fell in the rankings from 67 to 68. Hopefully Boise State will be able to get on another run, and beat SDSU on their rematch at the Viejas Arena.

Your Turn

Always news happening, folks. Look for other stuff to come out today about possible coaching searches.