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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1-18-2016: Former Boise State Player Paradis Still in NFL Playoffs

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was a busy weekend for sports and for Bronco Nation. While the basketball teams hit the hard court, the football coaches entertained some guests from out of town.

Boise State falls to San Diego State

While the outcome was not in the Bronco's favor, at least they did not give up. In fact they played the Aztecs pretty tight and, had the Broncos made more than one of their three point shots, the game could have gone the other way.

And it certainly was not for lack of Nick Duncan being fired up!

At least we get to see Webb do Webb things.

Boise State hosts a bunch of football recruits

If you have not checked out the running thread, you should. We have been updating the post as we have come across picture dumps from recruits (and other Boise State fans). Aside from a Coach Yates watch (about ready to board a plane!) we got to see some pictures of coaches running all over creation and the recruits posting some pictures of their time here. We even got to see Coach Harsin Dabbing.

Check out #75 on the far right Ezra Cleveland. He is almost a full head taller than everyone and John Tate #9 was there. Tate is 6' 5". AND CLEVELAND WAS LARGER THAN TATE. Hard to believe some of these dudes are barely 18.

Paradis still hanging around in NFL playoffs

Matt Paradis continues to help the Denver Broncos win and advance. The game started out quite slow and, despite a lot of drops from Denver receivers, the other Broncos were able to pull out the win at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Paradis is the only Boise State alum left in the playoffs. Idaho, amazingly enough, has two guys (Shiloh Keo and Mike Iupati). Idaho State also has a representative as well in Jared Allen. Well, kind of (he's injured with a broken foot).

Breaking: Tyler Rausa hates the Broncos:

Three former Boise State players in the inaugural Tropic Bowl all-star game in Miami

This is a weird one as the Tropic Bowl official website was down for a bit. But, near as I can tell, the teams were broken up into American versus National teams. And the American team won 38-14. Maston, SWR, and McNair all played for the National team.  If/when the Tropic Bowl actually puts any stats, or anything, about the game, we'll make sure and get that info up here.