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Boise State vs San Diego State GameThread

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

It has come down to a battle of Mountain West Conference unbeatens. Boise State (13-4) squares off against San Diego State (11-6) at the Taco Bell Arena at 8 p.m. The matchup is also going to be broadcast on ESPN 2.

Aside from first in the Mountain West, Boise State has several streaks that are on the line:

(All info from the Boise State sports information department)

Overall Win Streaks

1. SMU 16 games

2. UAB 11 games (play tonight, 5 p.m. MT

3. Boise State 10 games

3. Indiana 10 games (won this afternoon to tie Boise State)

Home Win Streaks

1. Arizona 48 games,7:30 p.m. MT

2. Wichita State 39 games 3. Kansas 35 games (won this afternoon)

5. Kentucky 30 games

6. South Dakota State 24 games

7. Maryland 23 games (won this afternoon)

8. Valparaiso 21 games (home, 6 p.m. MT

8. Stephen F. Austin 21 games (home tonight5 p.m. MT

10. UAB 19 games

11. Oregon 18 games

12. Boise State 17 games

13. North Florida 16 games (home tonight, 5 p.m. MT)

That is some pretty high caliber company the Broncos are keeping. The Boise State women's team destroyed the San Diego women's team today:

Hopefully any of the good luck, or good momentum, can carryover to the men's game tonight for the Broncos.

Drew (@mybrainissmart) will be covering the game on the @OBNUG account and will be Periscoping the post-game presser. So follow him there for a bit of play-by-play. He will (hopefully) post some cool pictures or video of the game. Also stay tuned after the game for a write-up. Damien will be posting stats here as well. Thanks for coming out tonight!

Go Broncos!

After the first half

Final stats