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Boise State and San Diego State both ready to take conference lead

Boise State cannot seem to shake the mystique that is San Diego State. Though the Broncos swept San Diego last year, the Aztecs are looking to snag a win at the Taco Bell Arena.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight Boise State (13-4) face off against Mountain West basketball power San Diego State (11-6). The game starts at 8 pm in the Taco Bell Arena. It is also being broadcast on ESPN 2. But the powers that be at ESPN will not send a crew to Boise.

Which is quite unfortunate. Understandable that the Worldwide Leader wants to save money, but this is a disappointing decision. This is a rare home game for Boise State on one of the main channels so to not have ESPN actually have their broadcasters here is a bad look.

Boise State is looking to extend their winning streak to eleven and improve to 5-0 in the MWC. San Diego State is trying to overcome a 0-2 streak against Boise State since last year. To get your competitive juices flowing, take a look at some articles about tonights matchup.

Aztec head man Steve Fisher always has his team ready to play and wants to extend San Diego's stronghold on the conference another year. Jeremy Hemsley leads the Aztecs both in total points (231) and points per game (13.6). Skyler Spencer the Aztecs in FG percentage shooting 58.8%, he is also third in the Mountain West Conference with blocked shots at 1.76/game. On the year, both players average the most fouls for the Aztecs, Spencer with 2.6/game and Hemsley with 2.5/game. They also both have been fouled out in two games this year. Webb has been aggressive in getting to the basket, so this could be a good opportunity to get the Aztecs in possible foul trouble.

SDSU faces Boise in battle of unbeatens

You may remember that San Diego State scored 46 points last year against Boise State. Twice. As in they only scored 46 in both losses to the Broncos last year. In basketball the two teams are not quite on the level of rivals. Yet. But this quote is important.

For the Aztecs, Boise State has become the team they play awful against.

Look to the Broncos to extend that awful play tonight. It is the only way the Broncos are going to get out of the TBA with a win against Steve Fisher's crew.

And Zeigler has a great line about our own Nick Duncan

The 260-pound Duncan is from Australia and looks like a guy who made a wrong turn on the way to football practice.

Boise State favored by 4 against San Diego State

If gambling is your deal, Boise State may be your bet for tonight. We already know what the Broncs' strategy is (like every competitive game this year): get out to a huge lead, then inexplicably let that lead go. Leon Rice says his team is giving the crowd their monies worth. How about tonight the Broncos just keep it not close? Everyone would prefer that much more than a heart-attack at the end.

Drew is going to be covering the game tonight for OBNUG and he's got Twitter duties and write-up duties. Hint: it is a lot easier to get that done when he's not concerned about a stressful ending.

Rice wants a packed house for SDSU

And this team deserves one. If you are able to make it out, please try. According to Boise State there are over 10,000 tickets out for this game and a capacity crowd is 12,000. Perhaps a bunch of walk-ins may try to get some lake tickets. At any rate, Bronco Nation needs to come out in force. If James Webb has a dunk like he did in Nevada? The top will come off the TBA and the place will melt down.

Get to the TBA forthwith!

Also, if you are able to attend, please remember to wear blue!

Boise State, San Diego State set to resume rivalry tonight

BJ Rains with a recap of the brief history between the two teams. Most interesting? Right now Boise State is 3-8 versus San Diego State. Leon Rice has some momentum going with this team. With some work, this team can improve on that record.

Your Turn

Drew is going to set up a game thread and have a post-game write up and will be broadcasting the post-game presser via Periscope. If you cannot make it to the game, Hang out here on OBNUG and we'll all have some Blizzards*.

*untimely heart-attacks.