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Boise State ranked 32/33 in the Learfield Sports Director's Cup

Sports, Sports, and more Sports!

Loren Orr/Getty Images

Boise State athletics continues to be very aggressive and strong on each respective field of competition. Last summer I wrote about the Learfield Sports Director's Cup and Boise State's relative standing and achievement as a Division I school. Keeping track of these achievements help provide a gauge of where each school is at in their athletic departments and the quality of athletes that are participating.

Last year Boise State was 64th in the final standings with some strong athletic performances. This year is no different as new rankings Learfield have been released.

So far Boise State is 32/33 in the rankings (depending on which file you look at) with 169.5 points. First in the Mountain West, with New Mexico second at 48/51.

This year Boise State earned the bulk of their points in Men's and Women's Cross Country, 58.5 and 66 points respectively. In comparison, after the fall tallies, Boise State was at 124.5 points to put them at 46th overall and third in the Mountain West.

Some notable P5 schools with which Boise State is in close company?

North Carolina State at 34/35.

West Virginia at 34/35.

Nebraska at 36/37

Auburn at 33/34.

With men's and women's basketball, gymnastics, and swimming left to go, there is an opportunity for Boise State to have continued success. Unfortunately with no baseball, there will not be an opportunity to pick up points there. With a lot of competition left ahead, there is a chance to at least stay ahead in the MWC.