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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1-15-2016: Former Boise State Head Coach Koetter to be HC at Tampa Bay

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Former Boise State Coach Dirk Koetter to be Tampa Bay Head Coach

What an interesting twist the Tampa Bay search took. If you recall Koetter had several successful seasons during his term at Boise State where he went 26-10. He was the "stopgap" between Houston Nutt and Dan Hawkins (who has me blocked on Twitter). During his tenure Koetter coached Broncos legends such as Bart Hendricks (who also has me blocked on Twitter for some reason), Ryan Dinwiddie, and Bryan Harsin. In fact, when you look back at the leaders of his 2000 team, it's a veritable who's who of house-hold names: Forsey, Mikell, Swillie, and Putzier.

His stay at Boise State was brief, only three seasons, before moving on to Arizona State. While at Arizona State his tenure was... mediocre. His best season was 9-3 in 2004 with a win in the Sun Bowl. Afterwards he was let go and subsequently, and hilariously, followed up with Dennis Erickson.

After his time at Arizona State Koetter moved on to the pros. Five years with the Jacksonville Jaguars as OC, two with the Atlanta Falcons OC, and that time he was hired for another stint at Boise State

Or... maybe not. Oh the missed "Welcome back Koetter" jokes that could have been! Instead he stayed one more year in Atlanta and then most recently as the OC for the Muscl--err--Dougernaught. Then Lovie Smith was fired (for some reason). And here we are. A former Boise State HC in the big-time. Good luck Coach Koetter.

Rich and Influential College Football Guy Complaining About Things

Well now isn't this something.

Yes, David Boren, please continue to tell us how the Big 12 is a "Little Sister of the Poor." Also, please learn up on irony.

Former Boise State Broncos Doing All-Star Stuff

Six former Broncos going to different all-star games to showcase their talents for the next level. Or just another opportunity to dress in football gear again. The Tropic Bowl is not going to be broadcasting, streaming, live stats, or anything. But the Boise State football Twitter will try and keep us abreast of that situation.

Gerald Alexander Headed to Montana State

It is a bummer that he did not get the coaching gig for Boise State. But things work out for a reason (like a certain Boise State HC candidate eventually snagging a certain NFL head coaching gig). I know we all wish Gerald Alexander luck and, hopefully, he does make his way back to Boise State in some capacity.

Bronco Recruiting in Full-Effect

Awkward phrasing aside, seeing the mad-flurry of thinly-veiled tweets from the coaches is pretty fun. Seeing all these things happen in real-time sure is a kick.


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