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Dead period over; final push to National Signing Day underway

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The month long recruiting dead period ended at 12AM and the contact period is now officially underway...meaning the Bronco coaching staff is back on the road looking to solidify their verbal commitments and push the final potential pieces of the 2016 class to The Blue. This year's contact period warrior was RB Coach Lee Marks, who filled the NoDoz-laden shoes of Eliah Drinkwitz and was likely on Damarea Crockett's doorstep in time to watch Seth Myers' disappointing monologue. Consider this thread open throughout the day as we try to track down the frequent-flyer-mile-hungry coaching staff in their final glorious push before February 3rd. Since recruiting is a somewhat cloak-and-dagger affair until NSD, you might see a lot of veiled or vague tweets about where the coaching staff is or whom they're visiting—this area code website might help de"code" a bit of that, and we'll try to do the rest.

Worth mentioning that the Broncos have a huge recruiting weekend starting tomorrow as well, as the aforementioned Crockett will be on his official Boise visit with pal John Tate (a coveted D-line prospect), QB commit Micah Wilson, and more. Stay tuned.

501 Area code = Little Rock, Arkansas. Little Rock, Arkansas = home of 4-star RB Damarea Crockett.

214 Area code = Dallas, TX. Coach Marks is more likely than not dropping in on our other RB commit, Robert Mahone in somewhat-nearby Prosper, TX. Looks like Coach Marks will have company soon...

CB commit Reid Harrison-Ducros is in Texas as well and I'm sure will be entertaining a coach or two...then they might loop into Oklahoma to drop-in on Micah Wilson.

Wow. They arne't sending scrubs to check in on RHD.

Lee Marks now in Boise. Apparently wants everyone to be rich. No qualms with this.

Before heading back to Boise, looks like Harsin met up with Marks at RB Robert Mahone's place.


Really cool picture of Andy Avalos meeting a future baller! (Side note: super glad Coach Niumatalolo stayed at Navy.)

And we have our first Yates sighting. Visiting Lew. And the recruiting goes on. And coaching mysteries abound!

Coach Adams and Coach HUff making the rounds!

Nope. Totally not weird we stalk our coaches.

Boise State target John Tate showing off some gear.

QB commit Micah Wilson checking in.

Coach Harsin Dabbing

Burgess putting some pictures up.