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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1-14-2016: Boise State Men's and Women's Basketball Win

It was quite the day for Boise State. Get caught up!

Twist and Shout!
Twist and Shout!
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 Likely Not Expanding

Much to the chagrin of Little Sisters of the Poor everywhere, the opportunity to join a P5 conference has gotten even slimmer. The new rules, as voted on by representatives from each conference, allow for the Big 12 to have a conference championship, and not have to expand. The Big 12 will (most likely) play a round-robin schedule and have the top two teams play in a conference championship.

This decision may affect the University of Idaho in a couple of ways:

Now that the Sun Belt can just play a round-robin schedule they do not necessarily need neither New Mexico State nor Idaho. But all hope is not necessarily lost for the Vandals. They have an opportunity to present their case for continued inclusion in the Sun Belt. Part of that presentation? That they provide value to the conference (more so than some other current teams):

And our dear friend Karl Benson, the commissioner of the Sun Belt (and Boise State alum!):

But we really know what that means:

March 10th (when the Sun Belt holds the deciding vote) should be a day that is circled on the calendar.

Boise State Earns Academic Recognition

Much has been done by Boise State to improve the value of a Boise State degree. And to that end the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education has bumped up the prestige of Boise State. The university is listed as "high research activity." Other universities under that particular distinction? BYU, Clemson, Rutgers, Oklahoma State, and, you guessed it, Idaho.

Damien Buys Lottery Ticket. Predictably Does Not Win.

Figured what the heck. The jackpot was $1.5 Billion and that flukey things happen. Someone might win it, might as well be me.

Just for the record, had I won: stadium expansion and big donations to the ticket office to get the price of tickets cut down. Or, in the very least, I would buy a huge swath of season tickets and give them away to dedicated Nuggies.

(And, yeah, the Dairy Queen thing and the Nuggies with churro Blizzards. But I did not win, so none of these things!)

Boise State Keeps their Win Streak Alive at 10 Games

This game leads to a YUGE matchup versus San Diego State on Saturday. The Broncos led by as many as 14 and managed to squander it and let the Wolfpack back within three (63-60) until Duncan hit a clutch three. And the Broncos survive.

Mostly I just wanted you to see this awesome Webb dunk.

The Women's Team Won as Well

Shay Shaw recorded yet another double-double and sharpshooting Brooke Pahukoa hit four threes to led the Broncos scoring with 16. Both teams beat Nevada. Yesterday was a good day.

Recruiting Dead Period is Done

And the furious rush to the finish began last night!

Couple of weeks to the signing period. The Broncos are looking for some ballers!!


You like pointing at stuff? Sure you do.

I am awesome. It's true.

Hope your Thursday is great everyone!