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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1-13-2016: Boise State Gets Preseason Love

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Drinkwitz Speaks to the Statesman Regarding His Departure

Covers all his bases on this one. Most likely leaves everyone with just as many questions as before regarding the whole situation, but what is done is done. I wish him nothing but success as he helped guide a true freshman QB to a MWC first-teamer and freshman of the year. Plus his bonafides as a recruiter cannot be questioned.

For those folks who lean more to the "meh" or "glad he's gone" side of things, take note: he was the best recruiter of all these coaches. We look at Alabama, and most P5 schools really, and the one thing they constantly win is the recruiting battle. The whole "diamond in the rough" story is great, but you know what makes Bama, Bama? This. And this. There is a reason they just won another national title and Saban's fifth overall. Four and five star recruits litter the roster. Heck, the Alabama three deep on the defensive line has more five stars than the Boise State roster. There is a reason that Dylan Sumner-Gardner (Yates) and Brett Rypien (Sanford)(both at least four stars in a recruiting site) started as true freshman in their respective years. They are good. And Boise State needs more of these guys to continue to compete. Boise State will find their OC. But it is now the challenge to find that guy who can continue to get the great talents to Boise. For Drinkwitz-specific recruits: Crockett and Blakley.

CBS Sports has Boise State 24 in too Early Top 25

And next year's opponent, Washington State, number 25. The matchup is going to be a good one and, hopefully, the Broncos will have gotten all their issues squared away. It is no surprise that Clemson and Alabama are one and two. But after that should be fun.

USA Today has Boise State 17

I like you even more USA Today!

Dr. Saturday has Boise State 24

Washington State 22. Washington 25. If Washington State and Washington both get in the top 25 in the Coach's or AP poll, when would have been the last time for that to happen? I asked resident expert in all things stats and Washington State:

Tyler Gray Makes All-Bowl List

Pro Football Focus had Gray as a "pretty good" linebacker against NIU. You may remember that Gray also was one of PFF's linebackers throughout the G5. Hopefully we see Gray on an NFL roster next year. My prediction: goes undrafted and ends up on a roster either as a practice squad guy or special teamer. He probably has the talent, and measurables, to be a solid contributor. Good luck Mr. Gray!

They also graded the other players for the Poinsettia Bowl. Rypien also had the highest grade of all freshman quarterbacks for the season. You will have to visit the page to read about their grades, etc., to be able to put that distinction into context. But I assume that it is a good thing.

Boise State Men's Basketball takes on Nevada Tonight

The Idaho Statesman's Dave Southorn has some video with Leon Rice. Should be a good game as Boise State is on their nine-game winning streak. Cannot be too careful, though, as Nevada has been playing pretty well under first-year head coach Eric Musselman.

It is not really on any network, so it will be streamed live.

Thought this was an interesting tidbit as well: Boise State has the highest rpi (currently) for the Mountain West at #49. No other MWC team is in the top 100 and that is including San Diego State. Notable teams Boise State is just behind: UCLA, Michigan, Wichita State. Notables Boise State is in front: Notre Dame, Stanford, Kansas State. Dayton? #17.

The team has a lot of work to do to make sure and get an NCAA tournament berth, but the company they keep, so far, is pretty good.

Boise State has Updated their Roster for the 2016 Season Already

It is never too late to learn the names, and faces, of the Broncos gracing the field next year. Also, it is some good time go see what names mysteriously pop up that we did not realize the team had added. I, for one, did not realize Yakoo was only a RS junior last year. For some reason I had thought he was a senior.


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