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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1-12-2016: Alabama Wins the College Football Championship

And then the cold times came. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama is the Winner of the College Football Playoff Championship

It was a pretty decent game, especially compared to the duds that had happened throughout the bowl season. Both teams slugged at each other and managed to be tied at 14 going into the half (Clemson kind of got hosed there at the end of the half with the clock running). The game would go back and forth, eventually tied again in the fourth at 24. But after all was said and done Alabama pulled away and won the game 45-40. Congratulations to Alabama and their fans. No doubt they will nothing but humble going forward.

Speaking of the championship game Deshaun Watson, noted touchdown thrower, had this to say on his Twitter a couple of years ago:

Our very own Boise State commit also said this:

Welp, young man, you have now set the bar, and expectations, for your tenure as a Bronco. I certainly root for this prediction to come true!

Now that the College Football Season is Over: Fulmer Cup

What is that? Glad you asked.

The Fulmer Cup is awarded prior to the start of the regular season to the college football program whose players, during the off-season, collectively accumulate the most points; points are assigned for negative law enforcement contacts (a.k.a arrests,) and are scaled for severity of alleged offense.

Basically when college football is not in season, our friends over at EDSBS created a way of keeping tabs on college football. The guys at Reddit took it over. Last year Boise State had three points in the Fulmer Cup. You do not really want to win the Fulmer Cup, but it does start some pretty interesting conversations. Read up on the past winners as there some DOOZIES!

Drinkwitz Takes Offensive Coordinator Position at North Carolina State

Which is disappointing (and old news) because the OC position at Boise State is just a revolving door of coordinators making their mark. At any rate, hopefully he finds his success. Not only is Boise State losing an OC, but a really, really, good recruiter. Drinkwitz was instrumental in getting several P5 committed recruits to Boise State, one of which was TE Chase Blakeley, previously committed to Washington.

Because of his ship-jumping, being nervous about recruiting is understood. If non-binding public statements/Tweets are your thing:

And the Boise State four star running back:

Still anything can happen until February 3rd and, even then, stuff can happen. We just have to hold our breaths that the remaining coaches can keep these guys in the fold.

You have to think the coach's emphasis on social media in general, and being "hip," has to help. Getting all the recruits in contact with each other, and keeping them accountable, is a positive, right?

ESPN has put out a "too early" Top 25

Not too much of a shocker that Boise State is not on it. But 2016 opponent Washington State is. Number twenty to be exact. One of the goals, I suppose, for the upcoming season.


So this is also old news, but David Bowie passed away Sunday evening. In honor of that, Here is a list of Top 10 Bowie songs. One of my favorite Bowie (collaborated) songs was this one. Still can't believe he helped Queen steal the hook from Vanilla Ice but, whatever, it is still a good song.