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Boise State OC Drinkwitz to NC State

More like DRANKWITZ, am I right?

Boise State, for all their successes, cannot hold onto an offensive coordinator to save their lives. It was just announced that Eliah Drinkwitz, veteran of one whole season in the booth for the Broncos, will be taking the same position at NC State of the ACC. Drinkwitz led Boise State to a top 15 finish this year in points per game and total offense...and with a true freshman under center no less. Apparently, those that thought that Julius Brown's dismissal would NOT be the end of the offseason shakeups were not wrong. Maybe more importantly, the Broncos just lost their second crackerjack recruiter in as many seasons (Sanford last year)...but this time BEFORE signing day. This'll make the next few weeks till NSD a bit more interesting to say the least. We'll have more on possible replacements when we think of some.

To get the replacement juices flowing, just know that Drink was being paid in the neighborhood of $300k for his services in the booth...and Boise State could lure a top-tier P5 assistant or ascension minded FCS OC fairly easily with that type of scratch

Boise State's offense will be in good hands next season, so we don't need a supercomputer—Drinkwitz was a hotshot recruiter though in this neck of the woods, so maybe that should be a key consideration. Here's a list of the top recruiters in the country compiled by 247Sports. Defensive guys and current HCs are obviously off the list, but there are some good offensive assistants that also are good at the 'crootin that would fall within Boise State's price range if they're looking to take the next step. Food for thought, anyway